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Surgical & Medical Animations

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Animated videos explain conditions and surgical procedures that affect the heart, reproductive system, digestion, joints, and more.


Therapeutic Centers

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In-depth analyses of chronic conditions and diseases, including treatment options and special topics for each category.

Health Conditions A-Z

A collection of more than 100 physician-approved reports to help you understand a medical condition from diagnosis to treatment.

Medical Dictionary

Find the meaning fast for most medical terms in this specialty dictionary created by the experts at Miriam-Webster.

Procedures & Surgery Fact Sheet A-Z

Evidence-based information on nearly 1,000 procedures used in screening, diagnosis, prevention or treatment.

Wellness Centers

Magazine-style articles cover health, wellness and lifestyle topics for every stage of life from childhood to
old age.

H2U Videos

Check out our YouTube channel of short, original videos created to help you be your best you. Enjoy wellness information and health challenges.


Natural & Alternative Treatments

Learn about herbs and supplements, alternative therapies for almost 200 different conditions, functional foods and homeopathy.