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The confidential H2U Personal Health Assessment (PHA) helps you uncover and tackle hidden health risks so you can have a better life.

Just answer simple questions about your lifestyle and provide health information like weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. We'll generate a personalized summary of your health status that can be printed, saved or emailed to your medical provider.

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Your Key to Better Health

Your customized wellness report can help you prevent and manage potentially serious health problems.
Each report includes:

  • A snapshot of your current health and your risks for certain diseases or health conditions.
  • Tips for improving your diet, physical fitness, stress level and more.
  • Actionable information about your health measures—cholesterol, blood glucose, triglycerides and body mass index.
  • A preventive screening and vaccination chart.
  • Suggested goals to improve good health habits.

Monitor Your Progress

H2U saves your past PHAs each year so you can compare your current health with past reports. Be sure and take yours at least once a year.

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