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Want to lose that stubborn belly fat? Feel more energetic? Keep your mind sharp? Strengthen your heart and body? Use H2U online tools and resources to map out a wellness strategy and stick to it!

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H2U Health Trackers

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To help you meet your health goals and monitor your progress day by day, H2U offers 14 different trackers. Keep up with health conditions like blood pressure or habits like how much you exercise.

Personal Health Assessment & Wellness Report

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This confidential online questionnaire produces an overview of your health status and future health risks, along with personalized health improvement advice.

Personal Health Record

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Create and maintain a personal health record (PHR) for yourself or a loved one. This valuable reference helps individuals and healthcare providers make better decisions about disease prevention and medical treatment.

H2U Videos

Check out our library of short, original videos created to help you be your best you. You’ll find great ideas, insightful wellness information and motivational health challenges.

Health Tools

H2U members enjoy a variety of interactive health tools, health calculators, health- risk quizzes, and human body navigators. Use the health tools to find out things like what your target heart rate is, what your ideal body weight would be, or calculate your activity into calories burned.

H2U Health Library

Search our comprehensive libraries for health and wellness articles, videos and medical references that have been reviewed and approved by medical professionals. Trustworthy information is the foundation of good health, and H2U Library is a great place to start educating yourself.