Co-Branded Provider Programs Grow Relationships


Relationships matter, particularly in healthcare. To establish long- lasting patient relationships, hospitals and healthcare providers must do more than simply serve the sick. They also must be focused on wellness.

Our loyalty and wellness platform is carefully designed to be easy to launch and easy to manage. 

When you partner with us, we’ll help you better understand your market, fine-tune your growth strategies and measure your success.

H2U solutions include everything you need for a successful program — sales collateral and training, back-office support, national benefits to ensure ongoing engagement, and customizable communications. By simplifying program management, your team can concentrate on building your brand as a community wellness resource and expanding relationships in targeted markets.

Targeted Loyalty Programs


Local H2U programs are a great way to establish a continuing dialog with health-minded individuals or groups. Focused on wellness, these programs build relationships within specific market segments like seniors or women by offering social connections along with health resources and lifestyle benefits.

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