H2U Employee Programs Help Companies Thrive


Today, many organizations implement wellness programs to encourage healthy living in their communities. H2U remains at the forefront of this movement.

H2U's tested solutions engage individuals who are interested in adopting healthier lifestyles. With our turnkey approach and cost-effective marketing tools, organizations can create a program that attracts, engages and retains members interested in their personal health and wellness.

Whatever your goals, H2U wellness programs will equip your employees to make healthier decisions. 

Efficient, Cost-effective and Proven

By partnering with HCA-affiliated hospitals, we provide community-based wellness programs that combine our know-how and best-in-class services with the resources of HCA, one of the nations’ largest and most respected healthcare companies. The result? An efficient, cost-effective and proven wellness program we call H2U Works.


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As an employer, you can help your employees get on the path to better health with a turnkey wellness solution available from affiliated HCA hospitals.

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