Get Better Care. AskMD.

As a subsidiary of HCA, the preferred health system sponsor of Sharecare's AskMD app, H2U is proud to offer our members, employees, and their family and friends a new tool to get better care.

AskMD is more than just a symptom checker. It's a personalized health consultation that helps identify what's bothering you and gets you organized around your health, enabling you to have a better doctor's visit and ultimately get healthier.

How can AskMD help you get better care?

  • Real-time source for valid, personalized health information (not generic symptom checker results).
  • Create and save AskMD consultations and other medical history for self and family members.
  • Create and save lists of medications, medical conditions, insurance information and preferred physicians for self and family members.
  • Answer and save health history questions while symptoms are happening, before key factors are forgotten.
  • Spend more of your time with your doctor on concerns and education, and less time on history-gathering.
  • Print and share information electronically.
  • Connect you with local physicians and specialists who take your insurance and are right for your unique health needs.

Learn more about AskMD and other health and wellness tools from Sharecare.