H2U Editorial Policy

Our purpose is to provide H2U members with practical solutions for maintaining or improving their health and overall well-being. We are committed to offering the most accurate, up-to-date information on a variety of health and wellness topics. However, all of our editorial content is meant to complement, not replace the advice of your healthcare provider.

H2U's educational content, both online and in our published materials, is obtained from reputable sources, ranging from our own experienced health journalists to third-party providers. All third-party providers have been carefully selected in consultation with clinical services experts at our parent company, Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), to ensure that the information and services they provide are trustworthy and useful to our members.

The following are primary licensees providing content for H2U:

  • EBSCO Publishing is a leader in publishing health and medical information on the Internet by providing proprietary and licensed content. EBSCO Publishing ensures its proprietary and third-party content is: 1) evidence-based and consistent with national clinical practice guidelines (where applicable); 2) regularly reviewed and updated by experts; and 3) free of racial, gender, or other bias. Click here to read EBSCO's editorial policy.
  • Private Health News compiles current health news from reputable journals and other sources and sends email summaries to H2U members who subscribe to the services that interest them. The company also provides a variety of email subscription services and educational materials that meet strict criteria for relevance and reliability.

H2U also produces original articles for the H2U Health to You magazine and H2U newsletters, along with other educational content for our wellness program clients. These materials are developed by our health and wellness editors in conjunction with experienced health journalists. Together, we uphold the journalistic standards of objectivity, accuracy and responsible reporting. Writers are required to use authoritative experts and reputable primary source materials (medical journals, expert interviews, government agencies, nonprofit health organizations, universities, books, etc.) All sources are documented and checked by our editorial staff to ensure accuracy.

Medical articles are also reviewed by H2U health experts and professionals from HCA and its affiliates. These medical reviewers may include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, registered dietitians, certified fitness professionals, or other credentialed experts from HCA Clinical Services Group, HCA Physician Services, Sarah Cannon Research Institute, and affiliated physicians with HCA’s hospitals.